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We Design Incredible Houses For Unique Individuals.

SHAW Architecture

Brief About US

SHAW Architecture is a leader in Architecture & Interiors.

Our Practice Creates Beautifully Considered & Highly Liveable Spaces for People + Place.

What We do

We pride ourselves in bringing to fruition the Owner’s Design Brief with Considered Design Propositions appropriate to the Site, its Context & Budget. Each Project brings together a Unique Set of Design Challenges that is collaboratively derived resulting in series of Beautiful & Positive Environmental Contributions. We constantly monitor each Projects Budget Constraints with both the Owner & Builder to ensure the highest Value Outcomes are achieved within agreeable time constraints.
Interior Design
Our Beautiful Interiors specialise in Bespoke Designs that Compliment our Architectural Language with a seamless flow from Space to Space & Inside to Out. Timeless Design Qualities of Light, Space & Materials are our drivers in delivering Optimal Internal Design Outcomes that are both Welcoming & Enjoyed by All, be they the Owners, Friends & or Visitors.
Each Project strives to make a Positive Contribution to the Environment & its Surrounding Natural Context. Care is taken with the selection of appropriate Material Palettes with an emphasis on locally sourced products & tradespeople that promote a softer impact on the Environment. Outcomes such as Water Recycling & Re-Use, Passive Solar Control + Cross Flow Ventilation, Solar Power Generation & Green Roof Technologies are but some of the basic ESD Principles we encourage all Projects explore to ensure they Positively Contribute to the Environment.